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Website Branding Company Bangalore

In this modern era most of the customers come through online platforms. Your website is the most important component for your business success. The website success is directly proportional for the earnings you made, so it needs to be in sync with your brand identity. Having a strong brand which will back up your business is an essential tool and become recognizable, differentiated and consistent as a company. If you are looking to brand your website, then GCS will be the right place with its unique way of marketing you business online.

GCS Globe Consulting Services Pvt Ltd offers cost-effective, reliable, customized website branding services. We help you connect large number of audiences. From global brands to family businesses and individuals, our website branding services offers a unique approach to branding, design, advertising and website design.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to present an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices ranging from mobile phones, tablets to desktop computer monitors.

A site designed with responsive website design adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries, an extension of the media rule.

Responsive website means mobile friendly, it will automatically adjust to the screen size of any device,. It will consume the loading time and improve the performance of the website. All Internet users do not access the Internet only through their desktop or laptop computers with a normal resolution. Time has changed and it is time for us to change according to the time.


HTML5 Mobile Web Development

We work with the latest advancement of the standard HTML is HTML5. HTML5 speaks for two different conceptions:

Our Responsive Website Development Company from Bangalore makes use of HTML5 With new elements, behavior and attributes it is a total new form of the language HTML and a vast set of technologies, which allow more distinct and powerful websites and applications. This is called friends & HTML5 or often just as HTML5. It is designed to be used in several groups based on their functions.

Connectivity: communication with the server in innovative ways.

Multimedia: In the open web making a video and audio first-class citizens.

Semantics: speaks more precisely about your content.

2D/3D effects & graphics: actively presentable with more diverse range.

Device Access: accessible for various output and input devices.

Storage & Offline: Allowing client locally to store date and operate offline more efficiently.

Integration & performance: works with better usage of computer hardware and great speed optimization.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allows you to create great-looking web pages, but how does it work under the hood? This article explains what CSS is, with a simple syntax example, and also covers some key terms about the language.

In the Introduction to HTML module we covered what HTML is, and how it is used to mark up documents. These documents will be readable in a web browser. Headings will look larger than regular text, paragraphs break onto a new line and have space between them. Links are colored and underlined to distinguish them from the rest of the text. What you are seeing is the browser’s default styles — very basic styles that the browser applies to HTML to make sure it will be basically readable even if no explicit styling is specified by the author of the page.

However, the web would be a boring place if all websites looked like that. Using CSS you can control exactly how HTML elements look in the browser, presenting your markup using whatever design you like.

Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP programme is mainly used for web development, which is broadly used as an open source purpose for scripting language that can be embedded into the HTML format.

GCS is eminent PHP smart web developers, with years of experience in PHP programming using latest techniques of MySQL, Cake PHP, Zend and many other technologies permit us to create a completely elegant and uniquely customized website for the construction of applications that has high influence of the PHP background for most of your necessity.

GCS team put all the extra efforts to make you website look presentable and functions according to your requirement. GCS PHP website developers have the zeal to code a total functioning of the customized PHP application, which is tested widely to give a bug-free user experience. You get an opportunity to hire PHP web designers and developers service where you have a dedicated team working on your plan. Our clients have the best view on GCS work for PHP web services. Our work on your website makes it advanced and easy to handle, so we produce the top class website for your business.

PHP program websites can be merged with any application and design features. GCS PHP by specializing in PHP web development is able to build a thorough list of customizable software applications and website elements involving:


Word Press seems quite small technique but it is construct’s highly durable content for Management System, which is the very ideal platform for any. It makes the formatting content an easy task by its easy-to-understand visual editor, this also makes sure that the content is easily read and indexed by numerous search engines.

Word Press holds the power to handle any type of websites, especially when experts Word Press developers have designed it. GCS Word Press Website Developers’ team can deliver and arrange custom Word Press platforms for the process to become larger of your digital reach.

GCS team develops Word Press websites with sizzling and unique features, as well as keeping it sleek and responsive at the same time is something that every website desires and GCS Word Press Developers delivers you the high rich quality of work. By providing Word Press customization services of GCS, that are carefully made in detail to help you for setting up your website, which is in synchronization with how you portray it to function and look. Managing website content customized by us develop like a breeze and a bit of profit exercise. We follow unique techniques of serving our clients and this technique is backed by business strategies and proficient team of highly skilled designers and programmers.

UI/UX Designer

Recently, quite often many people asked me the similar questions: what’s your design process ? How did you start? What skills are required to become UI/UX designer? What tools do you use? By this article I’ve decided to answer all of these questions and describe how I started and become and UI/UX designer.

Before jumping into UI/UX design you need to master the basics of web & visual design as all of those principles and skills will be carried over UI design (designing buttons, typography, white space, drop shadow, working with colour combinations, gradients, different kinds of grids, layouts etc). Having good understanding and solid foundation in visual and web design is essential to become a skilled UI/UX designer.

  1. Color
  2. Grid systems
  3. Composition & Balance
  4. Typography
  5. Contrast


In a website branding, these factors play an important role:

  •  Website logo
  • Content used in the webpages
  • Layout of the website
  • Color and deign of the website
  • Fonts

If you want your business website to work efficiently, getting stunning web design is not enough. Your website also needs the perfect brand identity. When you create a website, you need to make sure that the colors, the texts, the images, the navigation and everything else is geared towards optimized representation of your brand.

Understanding brand’s audience and communications allows to define how a brand is being perceived. While website branding is much more than a logo, logo design is one of the most recognizable elements of branding. Our professional, affordable and reliable designers will help your website to create a brand. our prime target is to give your website perfection, so that you can be unique from your competitors.

Our services include online reputation management, website branding, social media marketing, logo design, website design, web development and website promotion, etc. Our unique, professional and result-oriented branding services will help your business earn maximum return on investment (ROI)

We really appreciate your inquiry and interest. Simply, call us and talk to our representative, he/she will help you in a very comfortable manner.

Hotel Websites Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing for hotels are attractively increasing day by day with it unique promotioms. The Hotel Managers do not only need to provide service to the guests, pricing and availabilities, manage rooms, but they are expected to strive for guests in new digital communities and channels that come out into view every day.

For Hotel digital marketing is required in all the channels and resources that are available to market on the internet and generate quality leads. Over the years GCS Globe Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, has established a suite for Digital Marketing of Hotels. We have our own unique organizing system for income-producing hotel digital marketing. Our planned hotel digital promotion facility are for hotel brands, resort brands, luxury hotel, spa and golf resorts, conference and meeting venues, hotel management companies and independents include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Hotels
  • Online Media Planning and Buying
  • Social Media
  • Website Revenue Optimization Consulting
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Linking
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Reservation Recovery
  • Advertising (Banners, Business Listings)

GCS Globe Consulting Services Pvt Ltd provides Digital Marketing for Hotels result is determined and cost-effective. These marketing solutions bring in the traffic through scalable hotel advertising campaigns and achieving targets, influential qualified traffic on your website and eventually win over the lookers into bookers.

GCS Globe Consulting Services Pvt Ltd Website Development Company for Hotels has the most experienced website developers and offers cutting-edge website design for restaurants by understanding the navigation, architecture, user experience, and conversion. Creative Hotel Web Design by blending radiant images with attractive language. We develop websites that are drive conversions and engaging at the same time. Each web page is energetic, showcase robust design, easy to navigate and content. The main benchmarks GCS Globe Consulting Services Pvt Ltd Hotel Website Designing Company
look into are

  • Solid Information Architecture
  • Colors That Enthuse People
  • Design For Usability And Adaptation
  • Legibility And Eye-Tracking
  • High-Resolution Images
  • Performance Optimization

Hotel Booking Website Design performance is as effective as it looks beautiful. The website performance depend on how the server is setup, how it is programmed and what data is being delivered to the customers. Our website designers program assures fast download time, mobile responsiveness, and low bounce rates.

Checking out a website on tablets and smartphones is a new trend. The information by the users is constantly done through the mobile search on the fly. GCS Globe Consulting Services Pvt Ltd offers mobile Responsive Web Design for Restaurants that modify your content depending upon the device. If you already have a website, keep the mobile site unconstrained. We can redesign you site whenever you are ready to customize and we can
make responsive Mobile Web Design for Restaurants.

Key Features

Programmed User Agent Detection – Deliver Based On Device

  • Layouts And Designs Optimize Based On Device Type
  • Easy To Navigate- Single Click To Get Into Contacts And Directions
  • Easy Editing Of CMS
  • Analytics And Tracking
  • Auto Flips Content Vertically Or Horizontally
  • Meta Tags, Schemas, SEO Enabled
  • Maintain Main Domain Application
  • Photo Gallery With Swiping Features